Postcard from Sabah

With only 4 years old, Sabah, collects “batus” or as we know as stones from a river in Long Banga to build her house. When I met her she was freezing on the water, despite wearing a shirt, she was still shivering. I hugged her and she smiled at me for the first time. Since that moment we had a connection.

She lives with her 23 years old mom, Tina, in a small tribe on Sarawak, Malaysia. Here, besides all the work, Sabah has time to be a kid. She can play in the water with their cousins and other kids from the village. Between “batus” I talked with Tina, apart from the language barrier, it was simple to understand how strong she is and how happy they are.

Couple days later I saw little Sabah running in my direction to hug me. I played with her everytime I had an opportunity during my stay in Long Banga. Now I just miss her…

This was a frame of her life that changed mine.


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