Durian: The beautiful fruit with the “different” taste

It was a hot and humid day in Long Banga, Malaysia. I was walking for a while in the jungle when we, me and the other volunteers in Explore Ulu Baram Project, stopped by a house on the sandy road. I was so thirsty and tired!! The owner is the father of one of our guides, who showed us a very common fruit in Southeast Asia. DURIAN!

Well, I heard a lot of about Durian before. In case you don’t know, this “amazing” fruit, is known for the disgusting smell and particular taste. I have always been curious about trying new flavors and particularly trying this one.

When the owner cut the durian in the floor I was like “It’s not that smelly” and “looks so nice”. I was naive! I took my chances and tried… OH GOD! so, so bad. In that moment I realized that the smell is worse than I expected, and tastes like onion, with mango texture and smells like the worst cheese on earth. Even though, my description is better than the reality.

In spite of having these characteristics, this was a nice experience. At least I put a check on my food bucket list. Worth it!

This was a frame of an amazing experience during my volunteering project in a tribe, that marked my life.


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